Charity Shop Top Tips

Last week I bought the September issue of Elle magazine - The Sustainability Issue. It has taken me a week to read it as I've been making so many notes and googling EVERYTHING from 'sustainable jeans' to 'Plogging' (absolutely nothing sexual - I PROMISE!). I love shopping and love the buzz when you find something … Continue reading Charity Shop Top Tips


Buzzing About Plastic Free – A Beeswax Wrap Tutorial

I've picked up packets of Beeswax wraps numerous times in my local 'green' shop, but just couldn't justify the price. As with most plastic alternatives the initial cost is always an investment (and I've accepted that), but I thought I'd have a go at making my own before handing over the cash. Don't get me … Continue reading Buzzing About Plastic Free – A Beeswax Wrap Tutorial

What a lovely package…

As I'm sure you're all aware by now, one of the main aims of this blog is to inspire others to live a more sustainable life. I'm not talking move-into-a-mud-hut, only-eat-what-you-can-grow, shower-in-rain-water and craft-your-clothes-from-leaves sustainable, I'm talking achievable sustainable. For example being more aware of just how much plastic is used to package pretty much … Continue reading What a lovely package…