Confessions From a ‘Plastic Free’ Journey

So just over a week of Plastic Free July has passed, and although I've tried to cut down on single use plastic as much as possible there are a few items I've struggled with. I never set out to totally eliminate single use plastic from my life within a month. I'm a firm believer that … Continue reading Confessions From a ‘Plastic Free’ Journey


Plastic Free July

As I'm sure a lot of you have seen via Instgram, I went to a really inspiring talk this week hosted by Kate from Cheltenham Maman. Her guests were Sian Conway from Ethical Hour and Raechel Kelly. The event was held at Jolly Nice - an old petrol station which has been converted into an … Continue reading Plastic Free July

What a lovely package…

As I'm sure you're all aware by now, one of the main aims of this blog is to inspire others to live a more sustainable life. I'm not talking move-into-a-mud-hut, only-eat-what-you-can-grow, shower-in-rain-water and craft-your-clothes-from-leaves sustainable, I'm talking achievable sustainable. For example being more aware of just how much plastic is used to package pretty much … Continue reading What a lovely package…